Warning Signs In Others

People who are thinking about suicide may not know they are depressed. Certain thoughts, feelings, and actions can be signals that let you know a person may need help. Watch for these warning signs of suicide.

Warning signs

  • Threats or talk of suicide
  • Buying a gun or other weapon
  • Statements such as "I won't be a problem much longer" or "Nothing matters"
  • Giving away items they own, making out a will, or planning their funeral
  • Suddenly being happy or calm after being depressed

If you think a person you care about could be suicidal, ask, "Have you thought about suicide?" Most people will tell you the truth. If they say "yes," they may already have a plan for how and when they will attempt it. Find out as much as you can. The more detailed the plan, and the easier it is to carry out, the more danger the person is in right now.