Diagnosing ADHD in Kids

Many tools are used to diagnose ADHD. Parents, family and teachers describe the child's behavior. Health care providers and educators may also observe and evaluate the child. This process can also help rule out other problems.

Adults describe the child

If your child's doctor or therapist suspects ADHD, he or she will ask you to fill out questionnaires.You also will be asked to describe your child's attention and behavior patterns. Think about your child's past as well as the present. Other adults who know your child well can also share what they have observed.

Experts evaluate

Your child's attention may be tested by a specialist. He or she may also observe your child in the classroom. ADHD seems to run in families. Tell the doctor if any other family member shows signs of ADHD. The doctor and specialists will look at all the information. If ADHD is diagnosed, treatment can be planned.