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Feeling "Stuck" in Your Life?

January 8, 2018

Have you considered counseling but think you don't have a problem worthy of help? Many individuals and couples think there has to be some sort of major issue in order to consider counseling. 

But this isn't actually the case. Counseling can offer a lot of benefits, including:

  • Getting "unstuck." Maybe you're happy enough, but something is missing. A skilled therapist can help you work through this. In essence, the therapist becomes a detector to personal blind spots. In this way, he or she can offer insights and perspectives that may have been missing to help you take that step you need to get unstuck.
  • Personal growth. Having an outside perspective that isn't emotionally invested in outcomes can help you set new paths in life or to persist on your current path – perhaps in a new, enlightened way.
  • Goal setting and success. Many of us set goals at the beginning of a new year. Some of us succeed; some of us fail. With the help of a counselor, you can develop goals that line up with the kind of person you want to be. Having meaning behind your goals makes it easier to push through when they (inevitably) become harder to reach.  
  • Improved communication. Counseling can help you improve how you communicate with everyone in your life. 
  • Better relationships. Relationships aren’t easy. Counseling can provide couples and individuals with different skills to enhance or improve relationships.
We're here to help

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Carmen Tillman, LMHC(t), CRC, NCC

Carmen provides individual therapy for people age 14 to adult. She works closely with those impacted by life transitions, grief and loss, anxiety and depression. Carmen also works with clients who deal with job-related difficulties and career related issues. She uses acceptance and commitment therapy and has extensive training in mindfulness techniques. Her background and experience in occupations outside of counseling gives her a balanced perspective on the life issues clients are facing.