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Kundalini Syndrome: Keeping Your Life in Balance

September 12, 2017

A spinning top is tattooed on the inside of my right wrist. I got it as a constant reminder to take the time needed to keep all aspects of life (physical, emotional, spiritual) in equilibrium. I had experienced Kundalini syndrome. The tattoo was a small price to pay to keep myself aware of what to do to keep grounded, stable and secure. 

Kundalini is a term used to describe the arising of consciousness and energy that had previously been stored at the base of the spine. It unravels and rises due to spiritual practices, certain lifestyles and/or unexpected life events. The energy may arise slowly and carefully and/or suddenly and with great force. It can be as if your body's energy wattage is amped up several times over. If you don’t understand what’s happening, it can feel alarming and chaotic. 

Kundalini syndrome 
Kundalini syndrome is described as physical sensations (headaches, increased heart rate, respiratory problems, troubles sleeping) and emotional sensations (intense fear, anxiety, unclear thoughts and altered states of consciousness), plus many more. These are based on your body's inability to adequately process and move the increased amounts of energy moving through its energetic system. 

Chakras are energy centers located along a central channel connected to your spine. If these energy centers aren’t open and adequately functioning, you might experience imbalance in the body's overall energy flow — which can lead to the symptoms described above. 

I had personally been involved in several spiritual practices (e.g., meditation and various forms of energy healing). What I didn't understand is that even though I was following a “spiritual path,” I wasn't aware of the blockages and other impediments in the chakras. I wasn't sleeping, was irritable and my mind was often somewhere else. The answer to my issues laid within. I needed to open, balance and cleanse my various energy centers — and in doing so would balance my life. 

The answer? Balance. 
This balance can come in many forms: eating properly, yoga, focused breathing, meditation, body work and physical exercise. But before these, one needs to become aware of the issue and the ways to address the same. 

That's where knowledge and a helping hand can help. If you feel you’re “out of sorts” and find that conventional medicine isn't providing answers, feel free to contact me. I can help to provide the answers that you need. Call (319) 356-6352 to schedule an appointment, or use our Request an Appointment form.

Sandra Kessler, LISW

Sandra is a Licensed Independent Social Worker specializing in eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), cognitive behavioral therapy, narrative therapy, solution focused therapy and mindfulness.